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You've probably noticed that there is no shortage of adventure in Ohio Amish Country. It can be tough to choose a route. We have a few recommended travel ideas so that you're excited instead of overwhelmed. These are just suggestions. You can always chart your own course. Just add it to your favorites to put your vacation together. Once you're here, the greatest challenge you'll likely face is which flavor fruit fry pie will fuel your travels. Check out our itinerary suggestions or give us a shout for more ideas.

Amish couple riding in a buggy down a street
24 Hours in Amish Country
Beautiful tulips
Sunday Stops
feeding a goat
Fun for Kids
Rainy Day Activities
Group of friends toasting with red wine
Discover the Wines of Amish Country
Culture Tour
zip line adventure
Outdoors Adventuring
DIY Day Trip
Spools of colorful yarn and various decorative fabrics
Quilter and Crafters Tour
Antiquing and Thrifting
Mom and daughter shopping for apples at an outdoor fruit stand
Fresh Food from the Homestead
Amish made hardwood dining table and chairs
Furniture and Decor Tour

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Discover new ways to experience Ohio Amish Country and explore our communities like a local!.  
We have curated a number of multi-stop, self-guided activities and experiences that highlight various things to do in Ohio Amish Country.
These recommendations are a resource to assist you in planing your visit to the region.