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Shop this town inside out.

Make a day of finding your joy.

You pride yourself on discovering detailed designs to decorate your life. Digging down into the deals or cruising the latest trends, your style stays on point because you find the exceptional expressions of your identity. And when you come to Amish Country, you know that there’s more to discover than bonnets and black suits. You have made your way into our boutiques to find locally sewn blouses and jumpers. The selections of scarves, skirts, and shirts, silks and soft cottons, have to be touched and tested in fitting rooms. Accessorize and energize. Who wore it best? You did. 



Maybe your treasure takes more time to uncover. Thrift items and antiques require imagination and determination. But, it’s rewarding, isn’t it? When you find that one album that needs added to your collection. That cut carnival glass vase perfect for the guest room. A century-old book inscribed with the careful scroll of a young student. An antique hoosier cabinet like your grandmother’s. Carry home a bit of charm and character. Our thrift and antique shops are well-stocked with the narratives of yesteryear.


We have it all whether you are looking for second-hand bargains, trendy clothes and decor, handcrafted artisanal pieces, heirloom-quality furniture, or custom lumber. You bring your ambition; we’ll supply the specialty goods that enhance your lifestyle. There’s so much to explore. Make a day of it because these treasures aren’t going to find themselves! 

Learn a craft; hone your skill.

Do it yourself, not by yourself.

Not everyone looks at a bookshelf or quilted blanket and asks, “How’d they do that?” But you do. Because so much of the value is in the construction. Not everyone looks at a table or an afghan and says, “I can do that.” But you do. Because so much of the beauty is in training your hands to be the crafters and letting your imagination play with the possibilities. You are a creator, and we’re here to help you. Welcome to our workshop.


Creative vision isn’t madness. There’s always a method to turn your ideas into the tangible. The act of learning and practicing those methods can be among the greatest joys in life. So, what’s your vision and how hard do your hands want to work? Start with seeds in May, and you can end with jars of preserved veggies lined up in the cellar by October. Unwind a skein of wool into a scarf and mittens. Take all the scraps of wood and make a butcher block for the kitchen. Stitch by stitch, like your new baby, a quilt will grow. There are so many ways to express your personality and skill. Every person can be an artisan.


Do-it-yourself isn’t just about a bathroom remodel--though it can be that, too. We think that it’s about relying on your own ingenuity and strengthening skills to achieve your dream. Our area knows the importance and personal value of resourcefulness. We have shops, workshops, and community members dedicated to carrying handcrafted care into your future. Tell us about your projects. Ask for suggestions. We’ve learned our crafts through the tradition of trying. Just because you do it yourself, doesn’t mean you go it alone. 


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