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You don’t have to search abroad to experience unique histories and culture. A trip to Ohio Amish Country will reveal the distinctive values of this rural community. In the villages and countryside of this area, the non-Amish and Amish form an integrated community that invests in heritage, tradition, service, and self-sufficiency. 


Like much of Ohio, Holmes County once represented the western frontier to pioneering Americans. The Amish and Mennonites migrated here in the early 1800s. Rich resources and farmlands provided incentive for easterners to journey to these rolling hills; solitude and successful homesteading created a reason to stay.


Even as we honor this history, we keep a focus on what’s to come. Visitors are often surprised to learn that family and friendship bonds are not limited by faith affiliations here. We gather together for causes, celebrations, and daily living. We’re located at the intersection of past and future. We seek ways to live intentionally and sustainably in our world right now. Our daily life is the practice that strengthens our principles, and we are grateful for the opportunity to share this legacy with you. 


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