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Rainy Day Activities


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Rainy days don’t get us down.

There are definitely days designed just for ducks and their watersports. But Ohio’s variable weather doesn’t get us down. If you’ve admired the fields of fresh garden veggies, brilliant floral borders, or lush woodlands around Holmes County, then you have the rains to thank. The mix of sunshine and showers create our growing season, and even rainy days bring their share of good times. Did you find yourself in Amish Country on a deluge day? There are plenty of opportunities to stay dry as you explore around the area. Here are just a few of the many options to make your rainy day trip just ducky.

Day One

Kidron and Mt. Hope

Old-Time Hardware

Explore Lehman's Hardware’s fully-stocked, barn-style store. You’ll find practical, sustainable, and fun products around each corner of this family-owned shop. The store offers creative solutions in cooking, gardening, heating with wood, non-electric lighting, and more. Don’t miss the toy section. which will return you to the joy of youth

Lehman's Hardware’s
4779 Kidron Road, Dalton. Located in the center of Kidron.
Allow 1-2 hours for this stop.
Bulk Buys and Deli

Experience a country store located in the Amish countryside. Ashery Country Store offers more than just bulk foods. The store’s shelves are lined with bulk grocery items and aromatic spices, and they have an excellent deli for purchasing meats and cheeses. Bring your cooler for transporting treats!

Ashery Country Store
8922 State Route 241,Fredericksburg. Located just north of Mt. Hope.
Allow 30 minutes to 1 hour for this stop.
Piece Things Together

Mt. Hope’s Lone Star Quilt Shop is keeping it real. They display and sell authentic, Amish-style crafts. The shop features locally made quilts, crafts, and purses. They have notions and over 3,000 bolts of fabric to browse. You may be inspired to start your own creative project. 

Lone Star Quilt Shop
7700 County Road 77, Millersburg. Located in Mt. Hope.
Allow 30 minutes to 1 hour for this stop.
Make it a Meal

Mrs. Yoder's Kitchen is the perfect stop for a delicious home-style meal and desserts. Menu favorites include wedding steak and date nut pudding. Country breakfast buffet occurs on Wednesday and Saturday mornings, and the dinner buffet is available all day every Saturday. Located in the center of Mt. Hope, it’s a popular stop for locals and visitors

Mrs. Yoder's Kitchen
8101 State Route 241, Millersburg. Located in Mt. Hope.
Allow 1-2 hours for this stop.

Trip Trivia

It’s a little known fact that Ohio has received up to 55” of rainfall in a year but averages between 35”-40” per year. 

Day Two

Walnut Creek Area

Sample the Sweets

Coblentz Chocolate Company in downtown Walnut Creek offers a treat for every tastebud. Find your favorites, including buckeyes, creamfills, truffles, caramels, and snappers. Kids may prefer seasonally decorated dipped sandwich cookies and pretzel sticks. Stroll through the viewing gallery and watch chocolates being made. This stop will satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

Coblentz Chocolate Company
4917 State Route 515, Millersburg. Located in Walnut Creek.
Allow 30 minutes to 1 hour for this stop.
Flea Marketing

The Walnut Creek Amish Flea Market has added even more for this season, including more shopping selection, landscapes, and overlooks of the beautiful valley. The market includes a variety of vendor shops and items as well as opportunities to grab a snack and enjoy entertainment throughout our fair weather months.

The Walnut Creek Amish Flea Market
1900 State Route 39, Sugarcreek. Located between Walnut Creek and Sugarcreek.
Allow 1-2 hours for this stop.
Handcrafted Carvings

David Warther Carvings & Gift Shop features a 10,000 square-foot exhibit displaying over 80 intricate antique ivory carvings. You can explore the exhibit on a guided tour and meet the carver himself. As a 5th generation carver, David frequently demonstrates his techniques. Each piece displays a unique and fascinating piece of history by replicating ancient ships.

David Warther Carvings & Gift Shop
1775 State Route 39, Sugarcreek. Located between Walnut Creek and Sugarcreek.
Allow 1 hour for this stop.
A Cozy Cafe

Featuring a full coffee bar, salads, soups, sandwiches, desserts and ice cream, Salt Creek Cafe is always serving up something great. Enjoy the excellent food, clean and cozy atmosphere, and small-town charm of this popular destination. 

Salt Creek Cafe
111 N Mill St, Fredericksburg, OH 44627 Located in downtown Fredericksburg.
Allow 1 hour for this stop.

Amish Co Pro Tip

Check out Lehman’s website for classes to improve your homestead, from canning to butter-making to goat yoga.

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