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Munch along the way.

Need a snack?

We do food really well here. If you aren’t ready to stop for all the courses, there are plenty of opportunities for quick bites and small snacks. You can choose from soups and salads, ice cream and kettle corn, tapas and food trucks. Not all these treats are going straight to your waistline. We have healthy options and fresh produce as it comes in season. Keep your eyes peeled for fresh options along your route.


Grab a bite as you see the sights.

You can stop, grab, and go. Or spend the day filling your tummy tank as you tour the area. Villages such as Berlin, Millersburg, and Walnut Creek provide many options for munchies while you meander the shops in town. These treats have appeal for the whole family. You can do a quick sit-down snack or pack the refreshments away for later. 


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