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Photo taken at Hotel Millersburg


Relax in your own way.

Recover that peaceful, easy feeling.

When was the last time you saw the sunrise? Really saw it? There’s that moment when a lavender sky speckled with clouds transitions from twilight to firelight red to an orange orb hugging the hills. These brief moments burn onto your memory like a photo. Remember when we watched the sunrise over Doughty Valley and a doe brought her fawn from the forest to graze in the frost? Do you remember that time? 



Wake up to the horizon, and you can carry that morning light in your soul instead of cursing a commute. There’s a rhythm to the way our morning moves. It’s set to the backbeat of birdsong and breezes in the cattails. Cows saunter out of the barn and horses whicker along the fencerows. Inside, breakfast sizzles for two while coffee brews. If there’s a yawn being passed around, it’s not an epidemic. Just a reminder that you have a reason to shake off the sleep and find a way into the awaiting day.


Ease in with your own harmony. Music, meditation, jogging, journaling--in Amish Country you get to wake and be present to what matters to you because you matter to us. Wherever you’re from, find yourself here. The sunrises are always complimentary.

Daily deals on hospitality.

Be our guest and just unwind.

Stay for one night or ten; we’ll take care of you just the same. It can be hard to break away for a day. But it’s worthwhile to restore yourself. No matter how long your stay in Ohio Amish Country, we want you to feel at home in our Holmes County. In this home away, you don’t have to do the dishes or vacuum the rug. We don’t have a list of chores for you on our refrigerator. Nobody’s tracking muddy prints around the kitchen, and there are no stray legos to destroy your bare feet. This is your vacation; the value of that is not lost on us.


Having a sweet sleepover is about more than a squishy pillow. It’s about finding your way to unwind. Sleep in; eat cake for breakfast. Read your book beside the fire. Or wake early and sip some tea. There are adventures awaiting after all. Our hospitality hosts will help you make the most of your moments in Ohio Amish Country. You only have to ask and relax.


Let us worry about making your stay great. You only need to know if you want a jacuzzi or pool. Forest view or sunset? Horsey hooves clacking close by or hoot owls asking who-who? Stars over a tent or tender snuggles under puffy covers? Townhouse or treehouse? Let us care for you and your companions--loved ones, elder ones, little ones, and furry ones, too. Hospitality is not our middle name, but maybe it should be. 


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