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Put on your tool belt.

Feed your independent spirit.

There’s nothing quite like finishing a project with your own hands. You’re making an idea into a real, concrete thing. Ohio Amish Country’s tradesmen and artisans know a bit about this. We also know that sometimes you need a little help from your friends. Barns don’t get raised by a single person. So, let us help you plan and prep your next DIY.  


Gather materials and more.

When your DIY gets complicated or requires unique materials, our building supply shops can help. Offerings range from custom milled trim and rare species woods to pine boards to hammers and nails. Not sure what you need? Consult with these shops for ideas. DIY doesn’t have to be construction, so review our events listings to find opportunities to learn other skills such as canning, baking, or even bee-keeping. Nurture your resourceful, industrious spirit while creating.   


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