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Group of tourists sharing a meal with an Amish family

Amish Home Cooked Meals

Keep the home in homestyle.

Take a seat at our table.

Engage with locals over a prepared meal and catch a glimpse inside an Amish home. We have local families who enjoy preparing and sharing meals. They host small to large-sized groups and most serve a traditional Amish meal. Enjoy conversations with fellow travelers and your hosts under the snapping gas lamps and country breezes. You’ll be in excellent company.


Take in the experience.

Are you looking for something authentic? We like to keep it real. Call ahead to schedule your meal. Understand that no family is prepared for 10 unannounced guests to drop in for food and fixins. We do our best to accommodate your needs. You can also call one of our local tours to schedule in with another small group for an equally delightful meal without the challenges of coordinating on your own.


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