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Photo taken at Miller's Creamery


Make more of your meal.

Gather your strength from sharing the slow-cooked goodness and the fresh-made friendships.


If you’ve only stopped long enough to fill-up on Amish noodles and peanut butter spread, you’re missing the main course. In Ohio Amish Country, we gather at the table to share food and friendship. Our favorite side dish is the slow-spun story of the day. We make the most of our moments at mealtime; it’s a tradition we treasure.


We make the most of our moments at mealtime; it’s a tradition we treasure.


Seniors meet at the diner for their 5 am coffee and talk through the village news. Maybe they’ll add a stack of buckwheat pancakes and bacon just to keep the company a little longer. Even if lunch is light, there’s time to lean back with coworkers while chatting over trail bologna and swiss sandwiches. No one can run on empty.



Dinner here is always family-style, no matter what’s being served. Our day sets with loved ones gathered around the table in gratitude and affection. Sure, we’ll pass the potatoes. We’ve got the broasted chicken and the green beans steaming. Peach cream pie cools on the counter. There’s plenty of time to get to that. 


Fill your plate. Fill your belly. Fill your spirit with the energy of our community. Pull up a seat at our table and share with us. Remember that dining here is not all about the noodles (it’s just a little about the noodles).


Fill your cup.

It may runneth over with our distinctive brew selections.

You know that we know how to grow produce in Amish Country. Well, we’ve got grapes and hops, and we know how to use them. Brews in Ohio Amish Country? Who knew? You’re about to become an expert. Charting a brew trail is an adventure that will carry you across the countryside for savoring and sampling. The flavors and location may change, but the enjoyment won’t ebb. Get ready to relax.


There’s something special about a midsummer Saturday spent sipping rosé on a breezy deck while live music plays. It’s not a fancy affair. We keep it casual. There’s space for games and conversation. Perhaps a little snack or tapas together sound tempting. Sure, it’s about sampling the delicious wines. It’s also about sinking into the slowed speed of the country, about appreciating the moment instead of living for the minute. 

Maybe you like to roll up your sleeves and lean into the bubbly. We’re working folk, so the champagne here is beer. From the brewery to the local pub, you can choose what suits you. With stouts and porters, Belgians and pale ales, you might have to take a flight to find your satisfaction. Catching up on sports or just holding down a stool are plenty of work while you’re visiting. 


You’ve heard of island time. Now you’re on Amish time. Just be ready for the rooster to crow tomorrow at dawn. That guy never takes a break.

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