Mt. Hope

Auction Central.

Along the streets of Mt. Hope, an authentic small town in Ohio Amish Country, you’ll find food, furniture and village life. Have a great breakfast at Mrs. Yoder’s Kitchen and head to the Mt. Hope Auction: nothing says Amish Country like an auction. Local and interested parties—both Amish and ‘English”—attend on scheduled days to examine and buy household goods, buggies, horses and livestock, plants and flowers and wholesale produce. It’s the ultimate in observing and participating in the community.


Upcoming Events in Mt. Hope

Haystack Supper
June 21
Hospice LifeCare Haystack Supper
June 21
Mt. Hope Garage Sales
June 26
Summer Sale
June 27 - June 29
Transport for Christ
July 5 - July 6
Ohio Haiti Benefit Auction
August 30 - August 31
Ohio's Amish Country Quilt Festival
September 5 - September 7
Fall Harvest Sale
September 19 - September 21
Baking Sale
November 11 - November 16