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Changing Seasons


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Miles of rolling hills, plateau views & winding valleys.

Everyone agrees--Ohio Amish Country is beautiful. With rolling hills, plateau views, winding valleys, wide fields, and stands of hardwood trees, the countryside offers idyllic views of rural Ohio. Add a team of docile draft horses managed by boys in straw hats and pastel-dressed girls playing in a schoolyard, and you can feel your heart slow to the rhythm of a different lifestyle. Here, you’ll find yourself chasing the sunset down country roads. Catching snowflakes on your tongue. Smelling the honeysuckle. Our planting starts when the winter weather breaks. Summer is equal parts labor and celebration. With fall comes harvest and all hands in the field to haul in corn or pumpkins. Winter brings us back home to enjoy the warmth of family and friends. Every season offers a distinct experience. You can plan ahead or just stop in--no reservations required.


Winter causes life to move a little slower. It is the perfect time to enjoy the solitude of Amish Country. In December, the Christmas Season makes us jolly, but the cold keeps us close to the fireplace. January and February are the ideal months to share meals and linger over dessert and conversation. Many lodgings offer their best rates during this season, so you can settle in. Restaurants and shops are open for visitors. It really is the best time of year to chill out.

  • Average temperature range: 30-40F
  • Suggested attire: sweaters, coats, and mittens.
  • What’s in season: holiday spirit and crackling fires.
  • Awesome visitor activities: a wine and brew hop, museum tours, holiday shopping, a theater show.  
  • Local farm activities: fertilizing fields, homestead and livestock maintenance.
  • Look out for: snow, discounted lodging rates, date pudding and cinnamon rolls.  


Spring is the gateway from winter to summer. We may still have snowfall in March, but flowers are popping by April. Amish schools break for summer by the end of April so that children can help prepare for planting. Redbuds will liven the hills, and then dogwoods will bloom. Outdoor attractions open for the season. Whether motivated by winter’s cabin fever or May’s spring fever, you will want to find a place in the sun among the sprouting flowers. Spring offers a relaxed pace as we prepare for the labor of summer’s growing season.  

  • Average temperature range: 50-70F
  • Suggested attire: long sleeves and light sweaters, heavier coats for March.
  • What’s in season: spinach, asparagus, rhubarb.
  • Awesome visitor activities: flea marketing and thrifting, cheese sampling, biking the trail.  
  • Local farm activities: field preparation, including disking and planting. 
  • Look out for: red-winged blackbirds, crocuses and tulips in yards, trillium under trees, dandelion gravy in restaurants


Summer is superb. June carries the nip of spring with the vibrance of summer. July and August bring to us sunny, humid days and fresh garden delights. All of Amish Country’s outdoor attractions will be open, and there’s no limit to the food, fun, and recreation you will find. Look for a cabin stay to make the most of the outdoors. Select a B&B to get that hometown feel and local advice for your trip. Plunge into a hotel pool. This time of year is made to enjoy from sun-up to sun-down.

  • Average temperature range: 75-85F
  • Suggested attire: short sleeves, shorts and skirts, light jackets for evening.
  • What’s in season: strawberries in June, sweet corn in July, tomatoes and peppers in August, ice cream all summer, and so much more.
  • Awesome visitor activities: tour an Amish home, pick your own berries, zip-line the treetops. 
  • Local farm activities: hay cutting, garden weeding and produce harvesting, and flower bed maintenance.
  • Look out for: children playing, Amish benefit auctions, Independence Day fireworks, a good fishing spot.


Fall is a favorite time for locals and visitors alike to savor our finest days. This harvest time from September-November provides a view of farmers harvesting across the countryside as well as the opportunity to leaf peep. Because the weather in Ohio is variable, it’s difficult to create an exact timeline for farm activities and leaf-changing splendor. But don’t let that stop you! September and October often provide our clearest, crispest blue days. November may bring our first frosts and snowflakes. The air is spiced with cinnamon and cloves. Or is that just our Thanksgiving mirth? 

  • Average temperature range: 50-75F
  • Suggested attire: Short sleeves-light sweaters with a back-up umbrella.
  • What’s in season: apples, fall raspberries, greens, squash and pumpkins
  • Awesome visitor activities: pumpkin picking, wagon ride to feed park animals, horseback ride or golf game
  • Local farm activities: hay cutting, corn, sorghum, and soybean harvest, winter cover crop planting.
  • Look out for: white-tail deer, migrating birds, splendid sunrises, and kettle corn.
  • When to see brilliant leaves: October 10-31.