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Getting Around


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Getting around Amish Country safely.

Navigating our area might seem tricky. With a little guidance and caution, you’ll have no problem finding your way around this rural community.

What’s the deal with horses on the road?

Amish in the area use a variety of transportations methods. This includes walking, biking, e-biking, horseback riding, and horse and buggy. The horse and buggy is the most common thing you’ll encounter on roadways. Be cautious because these are slow-moving vehicles, and we have many blind hills and curves. When it is safe to do so, it is perfectly respectful to pass a buggy. The horses are well acquainted with road travel, and cars will not spook them. Just be mindful and proceed with caution. Road apples are the price you pay for getting up-close and personal with this community. 


Why can’t I seem to pass this bicycle ahead of me?

Recently, our community has enjoyed the introduction of e-bikes. These can be charged using solar energy or generators, so their use has become widespread in Ohio Amish Country. E-bikes travel more quickly than bicycles, almost as quickly as a trotting buggy horse. Plan accordingly in your travels. Remain patient, and pass when it is safe.


Is Amish Country motorcycle friendly?

Of course. Holmes County and surrounding areas offer some of the most entertaining rides along with opportunities to stop and see the sights. The views along our rural roads are splendid. Our Ohio State Routes are all paved and marked for two-way traffic. The routes are hilly and curvy, so remember that buggies, tractors, or bicycles might be around the next bend. County roads are generally chip-and-seal, while townships roads may be gravel. These township roads aren’t likely to provide your best ride. When in doubt, consult your maps or an experienced local.

Is there public transportation available in Amish Country?

No, unfortunately there’s not. Because we are a rural community there aren’t trains or buses that travel regularly within the local area. If you fly in, check the rental car options available at the airport. If you’d like to come to the area without the pressure of driving, consider looking for a motorcoach tour from the Cleveland or Columbus areas. Even app-based taxi services are scarce in Holmes County. Having your own ride will help you explore this countryside more thoroughly.


Will my GPS work in Amish Country?

Probably. We have good cell service county-wide. However, like any rural area with hills and valleys, there are locations where your phone may lose service. It’s an excellent idea to be prepared with a county map or our Amish Country Map & Visitors Guide.