Charting New Voyages at David Warther Carvings 

Charting New Voyages at David Warther Carvings 

September 16, 2019

The Bluenose, a 120’-sailing vessel built in 1921, is being crafted from scratch and completed for display by the end of 2019. This ship, however, will be much smaller than the original one!

Bluenose will be master artist David Warther’s 88th unique carving, to be displayed at Sugarcreek's David Warther Carvings museum upon completion. You can watch David work on it almost every day at the museum.

Each piece that David works on emerges from a process of deep research for historical and detail accuracy. His most recently finished piece was the Dunbrody, a Canadian passenger vessel that saved thousands of Irish citizens by relocating them during the Potato Famine. For that piece he acquired original schematics of the ship to be able to rebuild it in antique ivory, ebony wood and abalone pearl.

David Warther Carvings is open Monday-Saturday. The wonderfully displayed exhibit features some of the most intricately carved ships of the ancient, medieval and modern eras. Visit David Warther Carvings, including a fascinating gift shop, at 1775 State Route 39 in Sugarcreek or online