Embrace Native American Culture at Mohican Pow-Wow

Embrace Native American Culture at Mohican Pow-Wow

June 29, 2018

Each year in Loudonville, the Great Mohican Pow-Wowcelebrates Native American culture. This three-day ceremony is a Native American form of community that embraces dancing, singing, visiting, renewing old friendships and making new ones. This is a time to renew an appreciation for old ways and preserve a rich heritage.

All are welcome to come and take part in this festival hosted by Mohican Reservation Camp & Festival Grounds. Guests will enjoy breathtaking tomahawk throwing and fire starting by Coyote Dog, hoop dancing by Moontee Sinquah, music of the Andes Mountains by Malkuri, mesmerizing flutist Douglas Blue Feather, and powerful storytelling by Lance White Eagle. There are also inter-tribal dancing and drum competitions that will free the spirit at the 2018 Pow-Wow.

Demonstrations of Native American culture will include special food and more than 40 artisan displays.

This gathering takes place twice a year. This year’s dates are July 13-15 and September 14-16. Reserve tickets today!