Take a Class at Lehman’s

Take a Class at Lehman’s

April 18, 2018

Take a Class at Lehman’s  

Be practical, be healthy and have fun! Growing your own vegetables, making your own soaps and preserving food are organic, healthy alternatives to store-bought products. If you’re an avid DIYer and want to learn more about these skills, but are unsure of where to go, Lehman’s offers many family-friendly classes taught by local experts. Here are some of the classes offered.

Chicken Class- 4/21
Learn how to care for chickens from local farmer A.J. Miller, who currently owns a flock of 50 hens.

Butter/Cheese/Yogurt Class- 5/19 and 11/10
Karen Geiser is back to help you navigate making your own dairy products. The ownership of goats or cows is not required to take this class.

Canning Class- 6/9
Learn the difference between a water bath and pressure canning, equipment you need for each method, processing times, important safety techniques and the best ways to harvest and prepare produce before canning.

Country Living Workshop- 6/30
Come further your homestead journey with us! Welcoming everyone from the DIYer or those committed to living off-the-grid. Country Living expert Joel Salatin will lead the workshop this year.

Fermenting Class- Hands-on Fermented Favorites: 7/7 and Fermented Favorites: 10/13
Karen Geiser teaches everything you need to know about fermenting. Learn how to select produce and equipment, how the fermenting process works, and the health benefits of these "good for the gut" foods.

Pie Baking Class- 9/15 and 11/3
Learn how to make a pie your grandma would be
proud of!

Soap Making Class- 10/27
Learn how to make all-natural soap.

Bread Baking Class- 12/8
Amy Murray shares tips on how to make the perfect bread, from dinner rolls to cinnamon rolls.