Open Air Art Museum at the Inn at Honey Run

Open Air Art Museum at the Inn at Honey Run

January 9, 2018

A great place to start is with the outdoor art installations in place at the Inn at Honey Run.

The Inn's Open Air Art Museum offers a unique outdoor experience during the winter months. The 1.5-mile long trail showcases a variety of art pieces, many crafted by Ohio natives. They have been situated by the artists to make the most of both setting and the creative works. When you visit, keep your eyes out for the two new exhibits, Chance Medley and Archer’s Roost.

Columbus artist Mandi Caskey debuted her mixed media mural, Chance Medley at the Inn at Honey Run’s Open Air Museum this fall. The piece depicts an underwater drama of sharks and fish as the main focus. Caskey's vision for the work was to focus on the light, color, shapes and raw emotion of the piece. Read more about Caskey and Chance Medley here.  

Cleveland-based artist Lauren Skunta made Archer’s Roost with patience and perseverance. It is comprised of 12,000 paint sticks zip tied to a net, which floats over a trail in the museum. Skunta's goal for the artwork is for it to be seen differently in the changing seasons. Visitors enjoy walking the trail and listening to the unique sounds of the sticks blowing in the wind. Read more about Skunta and Archer’s Roost here.