Create Your Own Itinerary Online

Create Your Own Itinerary Online

October 11, 2017

Whether you have a weekend, a day or a few hours, here’s a new way to easily fit it all in.

The new Itinerary Planner on Visit Amish Country lets you develop and customize an unlimited number of itineraries for fun in Amish Country. Choose your starting point, end point and all the stops in between. It’s a great way to organize a trip so you don’t miss what you want to see. The beautiful countryside, villages and towns may entice you to stop along the way, and that's fine, because you can add those stops in as you go, and get back with the plan whenever you need to.

Just click the itinerary button to set up your account, and click the Add to Itinerary button on the pages for individual attractions. You also can add addresses directly into the planner. You can name and save as many as you like, and keep them private or displayable for others to use.

Have fun planning your way!