Lehman’s in Smithsonian

Lehman’s in Smithsonian

October 11, 2016

“It’s a huge honor to have my family’s work remembered in the Smithsonian’s curated displays. We’ve worked hard to make a difference in the world. It feels good to know we’ve left a memorable legacy!” said Galen Lehman, CEO and son of company founder.

Lehman’s, founded in 1955 to serve local Amish with non-electric appliances and tools, serves customers all over the world with a store, website and catalog. Lehman’s has been printing the catalog since 1978, by which it sells vintage merchandise such as oil lamps, hand tools, gas refrigerators and wood heating and cooking stoves.

The Smithsonian’s virtual exhibition offers stories of the mailing industry and how companies have helped to create and enhance commerce throughout American history. The partnership between the mailing industry and the postal system is a critical part of the economy, with a total economic value over $1 trillion and almost eight million employees.