Guggisberg Swiss is Cheese Grand Champion

Guggisberg Swiss is Cheese Grand Champion

April 18, 2016

The company won first place at the March 8, Cheese World Championship in Madison, Wisconsin. Guggisberg took top honors out of 1,892 entries from 28 states.

Guggisberg Cheese was voted best Swiss in the world in the rindless Swiss category. Guggisberg topped the Swiss category, receiving a score of 99.55 on their Swiss block entry produced at their Sugarcreek factory. They also took second, fourth, and fifth places as well with other entries in the Swiss style category, with scores of 99.25, 98.90, and 98.65. Guggisberg is no stranger to winning awards, having won or placed in contests every year since 2007.

 The World Championship Cheese Contest is the world’s largest technical cheese, butter, and yogurt competition. It takes place every two years, alternating annually with the United States Cheese Championship.