The Month in Pictures: March

The Month in Pictures: March

April 7, 2016

Flowers and barnyard animals emerged with warmer weather. Rain, sun or snow, you can always find buggies moving down the path.


March 4: Not too early to get out the lawnmower...that's your goat in Amish Country. (Instagram)


 March 8: Weathered and warm, it’s still a sturdy, well-built barn. (Facebook)



March 8: Signs of spring! (Facebook)



March 12: It's ducky season! (Instagram)


March 17: Springtime is just around the bend. (Instagram)


March 23: Country roads and bare trees, but spring is coming soon! (Instagram)


March 29: This goose was very curious about any visitors. (Facebook)


March 29:  West on Durstine Rd. near Mt. Eaton. (Facebook)