The Month in Pictures: January 2016

The Month in Pictures: January 2016

February 2, 2016

The farm animals don’t disappear in the cold months. Nor do the Amish. We had our first snow of the season, many colorful skies and tasty treats!

January 5: Fresh snow on the trail (Instagram)

January 7: Sun is shining on Amish Country! (Facebook)

January 14: Our sunrise led to others around the state sharing their sunsets. (Facebook)

January 15: Mudd Valley Creamery’s chocolate peanut butter ice cream (Instagram)

January 18: Enjoying cupcakes from Olde World Bakery and Bistro in Berlin (Instagram)

January 19: Beautiful day, beautiful animal (Twitter)


January 20: Hustling through the cold last night, this horse's shoes barely hit the highway. (Instagram)

January 21: Exhibiting at the AAA Great Vacations Travel Expo. (Instagram)

January 27: A classic view (Instagram)