Heini’s Gourmet Market Is Now Swissters

Heini’s Gourmet Market Is Now Swissters

September 25, 2015

Heini’s Cheese in Bunker Hill is a staple in Amish Country, and when Heini’s Gourmet Market opened in Sugarcreek in 2007, visitors enjoyed the new location as a similar, yet different extension of the old favorite. But the name also caused some confusion as to which location was which.

To clarify, Heini’s Cheese—where cheese-making tours can be taken and dozens of cheeses are available for sample and purchase—will retain the Heini’s name, and Heini’s Gourmet Market—which offers a wealth of Ohio wines and food items, along with tastings and live entertainment—is now called Swissters. Both stores remain under the same ownership.

More information about Swissters and its schedule of event is available on the store website.