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Can I submit more than one photo?
Yes, but you can only submit one per day during the contest submission timeline.

Do I have to be a US resident to submit?
No. Submissions may come from anyone who is registered on our site.

What should the subject matter include?
The subject of your photograph can include anything as long as the image is taken in Holmes County. Contests with a certain theme will announce what type of subject matter is desired.

Do I need a personal release form?
If there are recognizable people in the photograph, a personal release form from each person in the image is required. Photographs with recognizable children in the image require a personal release form filled out by a parent or guardian of each child. Entries with recognizable people but without a personal release form will not be selected for publication. Do not send a personal release form unless we request one from you. Download a personal release form here.

What shouldn't I send?
Digitally altered photographs in which the content or subject matter is altered will not be accepted. Cropping or resizing is fine. Obscene, derogatory or otherwise insulting images will be thoroughly ignored.
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